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The Founder and CEO

Plamen Penev established SimLogic Ltd to follow his own passion to design and implement industrial automated solutions. In his early age, he learned to code and was curious about the industry of robotics and automated systems. He had an opportunity as a child to visit major Bulgarian factories and to observe how engineers created solutions for production.

After his University study, the SimLogic was founded initially as a service engineering company for Siemens. Mr. Penev saw an opportunity to take a step further and to offer a technological solution that served customer needs end-to-end.

Plamen Penev is a true believer that quality of work and professionalism in serving customers are the key elements of every business. The teamwork and collaboration, the people who share the values of honesty, integrity, and excellence, are the ingredient that makes the business successful.

“There is no need to be afraid of robots and automation. They make the workplace different and more effective and efficient, allowing people to focus on those elements of the work that cannot be coded and executed by an algorithm. Every business owner I met with, is keen to invest in our solutions as these strategic choices build the foundation for a sustainable future”. Plamen Penev

SimLogic Team

The SimLogic Ltd team is a diverse group of talented engineers, with a passion for technology and customer service.  They have various backgrounds and engineering education, with many certifications and accreditations in their CVs.

The workplace provides opportunities to develop prototypes for own ideas and test the limits of own and team imagination.  The ‘family-like’ atmosphere is easy to notice when you meet the team.

“Harmony with yourself and with the team” – is the fundamental value of Plamen Penev, the Founder and CEO of SimLogic Ltd.  He also supports educational programs in Universities by providing equipment and time of experienced engineers to support student projects and curriculum.